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Rubber Road Speed Controller Bump: One of the best things about Rubber Speed Humps is that it can be used for all kinds of road surfaces. Thereby helping you to drive safely and carefully. Since they are sturdy, they can stand all kinds of climate and are highly reliable in cases of tricky roads, When you use rubber speed humps, you can save yourself from spending these extra costs on polishes and coatings. Model: Rubber Speed Breaker arrow Bearing Capacity: up to 30 Ton Used Area: Apartment/Mall/Commercial Complex/Industrial Area/Office/IT Campus/Public Road/School/Hotels/Resorts. Technical Specification: . Size 500MMLx400MMWx75MMH Material High strength designed rubber Humps, Color black and Yellow combination, barring Capacity up to 30 Tons. . Reduce the speed of the vehicles without damaging the vehicles. . UV Resistance Installation Support: We are having well experienced technical team with us, they will come to your place and suggest to you right area for installations and take care of installation also.

Other Specifications

Reflective Sticker :Both Side
Size :75mmHx400mmWx500L
Weight :Approx 26KG
Used Application :Cement/Tar Surface
Colour :Black and Yellow
Bearing Capacity :35 Tons
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