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Rubber Hump 75mm - 75 Height Hump

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Rubber Speed Humps: When given reflective White stripes, become highly visible during the night. thereby helping you to drive safely and carefully, Since rubber speed Humps are made from Fresh Rubber, Rubber Humps are very durable and sturdy. you can visit our official site to see more rubber speed Humps for more details. This website guides you through various products in this category with a detailed description about each one for your better understanding. Size: 75mm Height*400mmWidth*500mm Lenght Bearing Capacity: up to 30 ton UV Resistance: Yes Colour: Black and yellow Used Area: Apartments/Mall/CommercialComplex/IndustrialArea/Office/ITCampus/Public Road/School/Hotels/Resorts/Hospital Installation Support: We are having well experienced technical team with us, they will come to your place and suggest to you right area for installations and take care of installation also.

Other Specifications

Size :75mmHx400mmWx500mmL
Bearing Capacity :30 Tons
Colour :Black and Yellow
Bolts Holes :8 Numbers/Mtr
Used Application :Cement/Tar
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