Mirror Size: 24
Safety Convex Mirrors by Suraksha

Convex Mirror 24 Inch - 24 Inches Convex Mirror

INR 2478 INR 3100
You Save: INR 622 (20.06%)


Mirror Size: 24" Inch Dia, Mirror Type: Acrylic Convex, Convex mirrors: Recommended to increase traffic safety both inside and outside. In streets, minor roads, alleys and smaller lanes with bends where blind spots are a common hazard. Also to industrial estates where road users and pedestrians are in risk of accidents happening. .Industrial mirrors: can be used to optimize traffic safety for industrial driveways where the driver has limited visibility. Can also be useful to increase the attention at danger spots in production and in warehouses. . A good overview of the work space improves both safety and efficiency. . They are able to anticipate dangerous situations and prevent accidents. By improving safety and preventing accidents the efficiency of your work environment improves as well. Used Area:Apartments/Mall/Commercial Complex/Industrial Area/Office Parking/IT Campus/Public Road/School/Hotels/Resorts/Hospitals/Airport. Installation Support: We are having well experienced technical team with us, they will come to your place and suggest to you right area for installations and take care of installation also.

Other Specifications

Used :Outdoor/Indoor
Used Area :Blind Curve Driveway
Fixing Type :Wall Mount/Floor Mount
Mirror View :130 Degree
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