Plastic Barricade:

"Barricade Suppliers"

. PVC Barricade: They are manufactured to be lightweight and portable, some gaining additional strength and stability from being filled with sand once they are onsite. They are effective for traffic control on highways and around work sites. Plastic barriers are also very useful for crowd control and pedestrian walkways.
 . Plastic barriers are made of a light weight polyethylene which is much lighter than traditional concrete barriers. The lighter design makes these barriers very portable and a great option for temporary work sites and events. Trucking costs are also substantially lower due to the lighter design. Since they are not permanently attached to the ground, they can be reused many times which will save the cost of having to purchase new barriers.


Size: 1000mmLx800mmHx500mmW

Colour: Red

Weight: Sand filling

UV Resistant: Yes

Reflective Stickers: Yes

Used Area: Apartment/Commercial Complex/Industrial/Airport